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Typically, writers who get frustrated by the endless process of submission and rejection often look to self-publishing for satisfaction. Finally, most self-published authors find that selling their book is just as hard—if not harder than—finding a publisher or agent. But those who succeed and profit often devote years of their life, if not their entire lives, to marketing and promoting their work. So, you can self-publish, but it all depends on your goals and what will satisfy you. In brief, no, you are not ruining your chances.

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Read more about this issue here. Your education and insight into the industry will advance exponentially. You will meet agents and editors, and start to see them as real people. You can get the reasons, immediately, that an agent or editor may not be responding favorably to your work. Many writers are familiar with the reasons to attend conferences, but not all understand how to get more out of them.

Here are 3 ways you can get the most out of your experience. Should you hire a freelance editor to help improve your manuscript before submitting? Also consider: What is your motivation for trying to get published? A little self-reflection might be in order before you chase after an agent or publisher.

If you can decipher the clues in this poem, you’ll find a treasure worth $2 million

Mostly what this game boils down to is patience. She is the publisher of The Hot Sheet , the essential newsletter on the publishing industry for authors, and was named Publishing Commentator of the Year by Digital Book World in Find out more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. You mention the marketing aspect involved in self-publishing and the expectation of the same with a traditional publisher.

What do you see as the difference between marketing a self-pub and a traditionally published book? So either way, an author needs to go into the process expecting to be involved in the marketing. There is no magic pill like in weight loss or easy money-making process like in the lottery.

Step 1. Determine your work’s genre or category.

Along with publishing expertise and marketing avenues, the primary value in traditional publishing then is the weight of authority. Also: experience and savvy in putting together a marketable package in book form that is competitive. Dear Jane, I am a young author, not yet published , at the age of I aspire to be published this year, if possible. Am I correct..?

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I do know you need to offer tax ID information—your Social Security number. Continue using Wattpad. Continue writing and reading. Hello Caroline, My name is Freyjaa, and I am at the age of I simply used the websites on this post to help me find a publisher, so you can too. Thanks, Jane.

I passed your link to a few likely folks who need to know what reality looks like. Great post, Jane! Secondly, small press publishers bridge the gap between the large publishing houses who require you to have an agent and the other option: self-publishing. The advice is genuine and objective. Thank you.

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Hey Jane, let me ask you this. Is it true that a great query letter can sell a mediocre manuscript and a bad query can kill a good one? A great query letter can get a mediocre manuscript read or requested, but not represented or sold. Jane, Outstanding post.

This really covers everything an aspiriring writer needs to know. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights. Excellent piece, Jane. Thanks for the great info. Focus is on the traditional route. I say bullshit. I say read this. Experience: three non-fiction books. Also, how about this for a stalled-on-the-tracks-with-with-trains-coming-from-both-directions dilemma?

This takes significant effort beyond writing the book itself. In all cases, traditional or […]. Thanks, I really appreciate this. I am in the process of writing a book, and I have found your info.

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As far as the technical process is concerned, I have a blog post on how to get published that breaks it down, […]. The advice you gave Jane was great. I am a 31 yr old single parent. No college experience just a hair stylist and writing is a great hobby of mine. I have hand written my first book which is front and back I must day sadly but its a start.

Just need it read by someonr who knows something! Laughing at myself… thanks Jane. This may be a dumb question, but can I expect to spend a large amount of money trying to get published? Not counting gas for tripps, etc. I mean, should I be expecting to pay anyone up front for anything? This is very important as I am on a very fixed income but writing is my life and have decided to give it a go.

Very beginning stages here. Where can I find a list of agents or writers conferences? No, you should not pay anyone upfront to get published. Jane, your information is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it! I do have a question for you. Beyond going to writing conferences to find peer groups, mentors and critiquers, where else may these be found? Online writing communities and critique groups are another good options. I have a question.

How to Find That Book You've Spent Years Looking For

Would I still be able to go to writing conferences to help me with my possible book? Jane, Thanks for such an informative post. Still, most of these posts seem to discourage new writers. Any views or ideas that may be encouraging to me? Maybe you ought to stop writing. I NEED to write, do you understand the feeling?

Anyway, thanks for the advice. In the case of true stories, whether you change the names or not has no relevance to the genre. The book is based on an idea by former TV producer Sorrel May who wanted to create an experience for children similar to the Masquerade treasure hunt book of the s. Take a good look at the illustration and let us know how many keys and how many keyholes you can find.

Send your answers to the Hidden Tales team with your name, address and email at info hiddentales. Competition deadline is December Usual competition rules apply. For a copy signed by the author Mark Wells, visit hiddentales. Published: , 27 November Discover the hidden locks and keys in this Cambridge treasure hunt poster to win a signed copy of the Riddle of the White Sphinx book. Right click on this image and open in a new tab to see an enlarged version. Picture: Keith Heppell. How to take part: Take a good look at the illustration and let us know how many keys and how many keyholes you can find.

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