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More news Related Pages. Being Bond with Belvedere in Amsterdam. Hinx , Naomie Harris , Moneypenny. Comments Timothy James M I will replace Daniel Craig as James Bond Sam on 02 January, - Permalink reply. It is, unfortunately unlikely that Sony Vaio computers will make an appearance, as Sony has gotten out of the PC buisness to focus solely on their line of Experia phones and tablets. The Vaio name has been sold off to another company and Vaio computers are currently only available in Japan. LRS on 23 January, - Permalink reply. Marcel Busch on 12 February, - Permalink reply.

But I'm very interested in the sun glasses and the zipper jacket. Have a nice evening Marcel.

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Pete on 12 February, - Permalink reply. If you look at the rear of the slide it has the "wings" under the rear sight. These are placed in the rear slide serrations on the VP9 to assist in cocking the pistol. Not sure if any other pistols are using these. Steve Sherbourne on 14 February, - Permalink reply.

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The hand gun is an Heckler and Koch VP9. James Love on 20 February, - Permalink reply. Looks like funeral attire in the Rome shots. Lorenzo Anselmo on 22 February, - Permalink reply. James Love on 25 February, - Permalink reply. I agree, the lenses match the Leo's.

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I'd say the laptop on Madeline's desk in the new still released by empire is a Vaio Fit, although I'm not sure if its an old Sony or new Vaio Corporation model. Christian Wahl on 27 February, - Permalink reply. On another note, if you look closely at the behind the scene's clip from a few days ago you can see that the Walther PPK is still used, at least in one scene. Some of you know exactly the brand of the waistcoat and zip worn on the glacier in Austria?

Lorenzo, I think you're right about the colour, but I don't think it's the Leo, because of the shape of the lenses itself. Sam on 19 March, - Permalink reply. Now we have to dig the old strap out of the bureau drawer. Art imitating life imitating art Celebsclothing on 24 March, - Permalink reply. The locations are very good. I think the film will be having good action as before. Walker on 05 April, - Permalink reply.

I was wondering if anyone knows what the pants are in the spectre poster? Byrd on 24 May, - Permalink reply.

Alright, guys You're welcome. James Love on 04 June, - Permalink reply.

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The John Varvatos jacket DC is wearing seems to be lacking the stitching detail? Maybe alteration were made like the x to ki jacket? Just a thought.

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Rob Anderson on 07 June, - Permalink reply. Do we have a release date or model confirmation for the TF sunglasses yet? Clark Mitchell on 16 June, - Permalink reply. Just saw the John Varvatos jacket on eBay. It's not my size but wanted to give the heads up! Rob anderson on 22 July, - Permalink reply. Any updates on the tf sunglasses? Lorenzo Anselmo on 24 August, - Permalink reply. This was confirmed by the Tom Ford store manager Joe in Dallas this past weekend.

Darren on 26 August, - Permalink reply.

RjD on 06 September, - Permalink reply. I have a feeling that this was a deliberate 'mistake'. I think that with the swap to an Omega watch the brand will have wanted to pay homage to the early Bond films without looking to be copying exactly a dated Rolex look even though the strap was not officially Rolex, it would have still looked a little cheap. I personally think they made the right decision as evidenced by how great the watch looks on the NATO strap. NikolasH on 14 September, - Permalink reply. Does anyone know who does Bonds braces that he wears with the tux on the train.

If you go frame by frame on the most recent TV spot, there is a clear shot of them. I have contacted Albert Thurston, but they haven't got back to me yet. Any more details? Robert MB on 09 October, - Permalink reply. Anyone know the AK variant Bond uses during the trailer, which is also seen in several photos - such as the balcanony above? Kyle on 14 October, - Permalink reply. It doesn't look like an AK. Jon N on 27 October, - Permalink reply.

Any idea of the polo is Tangier - it didn't look like a Riviera? Remmert van Braam on 27 October, - Permalink reply. The navy polo shirt in Tangier is by Tom Ford. J Read on 04 November, - Permalink reply. It is black and has large collar. It is definitely not the Tom Ford one above as you can see from the collar. Richard Bengtson on 06 November, - Permalink reply. Victor Somerville on 06 November, - Permalink reply. Not a Phantom III '37 then? Jim Schultz on 06 November, - Permalink reply. Can anyone identify the whit shift dress that Dr Swan wears in the Morocco hotel?

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It's before the white tux in the restaurant-car. Remmert van Braam on 08 November, - Permalink reply. Hqi on 08 November, - Permalink reply. Does anybody know what kind of suit Bond wears when he is in Morocco and gets off the train. He wears a brown suit with a brown tie and white shirt. Federico Morisani on 09 November, - Permalink reply.